Episode 3: The Drive to Portland

It was cool hanging out in Seattle for the day. Jess was cute and she was open to talking about any subject. She was smart, she was majoring in physics. I was driving and she had her bare feet up on the dashboard. We were talking about her classes and the “boys” at school. She complained about how little they knew about sex. Her last boyfriend just wanted to shag every day, she didn’t like using the “f-word.” I’d met … Read More

Episode 2: Tuition for College

It was no use, Lisa was working two jobs but it was not enough. Combined with scholarships and the $12/hour that she earned working on campus and at a local movie theater, she still couldn’t afford to pay for tuition, books, the dorm, and all of her other expenses. She had no choice but to try this job. She found the ad online. The company was looking for lingerie models. The owner, Sheena, a wonderful woman, told her that she … Read More

Episode 1: Cancelled Flight

We were scheduled to leave Denver today but an unexpected storm caused all flights in and out of the airport to be cancelled. The airline put us up in a hotel but by the time we got to the reservation desk there was only a single queen size room for the two of us. Jessica and I had spent the past week at a conference. She worked in another division of the company and was only 25, I was 30 … Read More

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