Episode 2: Tuition for College

It was no use, Lisa was working two jobs but it was not enough. Combined with scholarships and the $12/hour that she earned working on campus and at a local movie theater, she still couldn’t afford to pay for tuition, books, the dorm, and all of her other expenses. She had no choice but to try this job.

She found the ad online. The company was looking for lingerie models. The owner, Sheena, a wonderful woman, told her that she could easily earn enough money to cover all of her expenses for college. Then Sheena told her what she would be doing. At first she wanted to run out of the building. But if she didn’t make more money soon, she would have to drop out of college. She would do almost anything to stay in college and get her degree.

She was getting ready for her first show. She sat in on another show with Brittany and understood what was necessary. Sheena made sure that she understood what was acceptable and what would get her fired. Lisa was not a prude and was not naive when it came to sex but this was different. She would be completely exposed in front of total strangers.

Her first customer, an older man of about 45 was talking to Brittany, then he saw Lisa and asked her for a show. He was tall and was starting to go grey at the temples. Lisa was only 5′ 4″ tall and was skinny. Her breasts were small but she had long dark hair and almond colored skin.

She showed him to the room, told him to get as comfortable as he liked and that she would be back in just a few minutes. When she returned to the room, she was wearing a lace one piece outfit. He was sitting on the leather couch. He was naked except for the button down shirt that was open and exposing his chest.

She began the music and started dancing…