Episode 1: Cancelled Flight

We were scheduled to leave Denver today but an unexpected storm caused all flights in and out of the airport to be cancelled. The airline put us up in a hotel but by the time we got to the reservation desk there was only a single queen size room for the two of us.

Jessica and I had spent the past week at a conference. She worked in another division of the company and was only 25, I was 30 years older than her. We were both worn out from the conference and really wanted to get home. We knew each other well enough after the past week that we decided we could share the bed. Although, it would be difficult to get any sleep knowing I was laying next to someone I’d been attracted too for most of the past few days.

Jessica was a little shorter than me, had an athletic build, a winning smile, and she had a wonderful almond skin tone.

We went straight to bed. Like most airport hotels… the rooms would not get dark enough but I was able to fall asleep. Movement next to me woke me up and like most nights, I was laying on my back, my hard-on raising the sheet as a tent. Then I remembered that Jessica was laying next to me.

I looked over and to my surprise, Jessica was sitting up in the bed. The dim lighting illuminated her form, she was naked and her hands were moving across her mound. She reached over and ran one of her hands across my leg. She found my wrist and moved my hand onto my cock. I started stroking my shaft. She pulled the sheet back so we could watch each other…